We believe that the realisation of fundamental rights goes hand in hand with economic independence and we know that if we want to make our sexual and reproductive health services available to the ones who need them the most, they must become sustainable. This is why in 2017 we established our first social enterprise, “Nega Plus”. Striving to respond to the needs of the people, we envisaged it as a home-based professional care service for the elderly and the bedridden. We wished to empower the Roma women who are among the most marginalised women in the country, so we organised trainings in home-based palliative care. This way we gave a helping hand to the weak, and we gave wings to the Roma women.

Ever since it was established in 2017, “Nega Plus” has provided its services to over 100 families.

“Nega Plus” staff is certified and committed, and services are available in flexible packages, for now only on the territory of the Municipality of Centar and the City of Skopje. You can receive further information about Nega Plus services and how to join the caregiver teams at the telephone number 070 299 026 or at