We believe that the precondition for the full respect and realisation of human rights is their full recognition in positive legal provisions.

This is exactly why HERA initiates and actively participates in all the development processes for policies, programmes and budgets concerning HIV and is particularly advocating for provision of sustainability of HIV services targeting the key populations affected by HIV. 

We’ve been advocating for the introduction of at least three contraceptive products on the positive list of medicines, and as of December 2017 we’ve been part of the Ministry of Health’s working group for amending the restrictive Law on Termination of Pregnancy. 

HERA participated in the adoption of the protocols for protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as in the setting up of the All-Party Parliamentary Group – the first one of its kind on the Balkans – for the promotion of LGBTI rights in February 2018. 

We were among the first ones who advocated for the integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) concerning gender equality in national policies, and to this end we made a corresponding analysis in 2016 together with the Gender Equality Platform. We’ve been advocating for the provision of available and accessible specialised services for victims of gender-based violence, and in this way for sustainability of civil society organisations offering these services. 

We took part in the revision of the National Plan for Healthcare System Preparation and Response in Crisis Situations and we managed to include a chapter on sexual and reproductive health in emergency and crisis situations

We’ve been advocating also for greater access to information and services for sexual and reproductive health for persons with disabilities in compliance with the findings from our needs assessments for corresponding services

Together with the Education Development Bureau, in 2018 we set up a national working group for developing models of comprehensive sexuality education, and since 2017 we’ve been actively participating in and monitoring the processes of development of strategic documents on social entrepreneurship, because we desire ecosystems where social enterprises can sprout and thrive.