The fight for the realisation of the rights and freedoms of the disempowered can become a successful one only through their empowerment, mobilisation and active participation. Hence the idea to create opportunities for their economic empowerment and for ensuring the sustainability of our services. We have first identified the potential of social entrepreneurship as an innovative model of social inclusion, resocialisation and employment of people coming from vulnerable groups in 2015, and the idea of social enterprise was finally realised in 2017.

Taking into account that social entrepreneurship is a rather new topic in our country, we decided to use our experience to build the capacities of those who, same as HERA, want to empower the marginalised through social entrepreneurship. Every form of support is wind in their sails, and especially when it comes from the local government – therefore, together with the City of Skopje we developed a strategy to support the social enterprises that would employ persons from marginalised communities.

Finally, for the successful accomplishment of the social missions of all social enterprises it is crucially important to have an enabling ecosystem where they can be recognised and supported in every respect. Therefore, through the Network of Social Enterprises, we are part of a working group on social entrepreneurship policy design and legal framework development.

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