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Situational analysis and proposed modalities: Reproductive healthcare in the Republic of Macedonia

Women in Macedonia, particularly those from socially vulnerable groups, face different barriers while trying to obtain reproductive health services. The poor reproductive health causes one third of the global burden of disease of women of reproductive age and one fifth of the global burden of disease of the general population.

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Gender Equality in Macedonia and the 2030 sustainable development agenda

An Analysis of the Correlation between the Different National Strategic Documents on Gender Equality in Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals Gender equality is an issue which is being attached a great deal of importance in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda (SDA). The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) treats gender issues in a sensitive manner while raising expectations that gender equality will be considered a […]

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Contra(youth)caption display facts and exhibits the situation about the use of modern contraception among the young, thus indicating the need for relevant institutions to take measures to increase the number of girls and women that would use modern contraception. Modern contraception is one of the more important aspects of sexual and reproductive health, in particular in regard to young people. […]

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Framework for comprehensive sexuality education

Date of issuing: 2010 Key words:  comprehensive sexuality education. sexual and reproductive health, gender, civic aspects, pleasure, emotions, diversity     Download the publication [мк] [shq] [eng] Other publications from the category policy development document 

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